I took Lucy and Madeleine to one of my favourite restaurants in The Hague, Zebedeus. It’s located in Grote Kerk, the beautiful, large church in the centre of town. Incidentally, Grote Kerk is one of the oldest buildings in Den Haag, and a venue for many concerts, exhibitions and more. You can read more about the Batik exhibition we went to in the church in my next post.

Back to Zebedeus. We had a truly scrumptious lunch and Lucy was very happy to discover from our helpful waiter that quite a few options on the menu were gluten free, or could easily be adapted. She chose the omelette sandwich on gluten free bread.

Madeleine and I chose salad. My butter bean, watermelon and feta salad was delicious, and I will be recreating this soon, once I find the sumac spice our lovely waiter advised me was the ingredient I couldn’t figure out. Mads assured us that her salad was also amazing. I had to take her word for it, as it had beetroot in it. Urgh.

And finally, the dessert! I will let our expressions speak for themselves!





That’s happiness, right there. Lucy had a chocolate pecan slice, Mads had an apple crumble, and mine was like a pound cake with almond. They were all AMAZING!

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  1. Zebedeus

    Yeeeey Thank u so much! ☺️


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