Have I mentioned that my favourite restaurant in Brighton is SIX? No? I tell everyone to eat there, and I make all my friends eat there with me!

Our last trip to the UK coincided with SIX becoming sister restaurant to Food for Friends, the self-proclaimed original Brighton vegetarian restaurant, established in 1981 (I wasn’t a vegetarian yet then – well, I was only three).

*side note: the first time I showed signs of leaning towards vegetarianism was at the age of four, when I made the connection between those cute lambs in the fields, and the lamb at the dinner table. I believe I refused lamb on my plate from that point forward. Not at all precocious.

As soon as I saw the news, I couldn’t wait to visit. I had dined at Food for Friends before, but that was years ago and I was past due another experience there. And I had the ideal celebration: dinner with Arijus’s mother and sister, and meeting his mother’s new beau! A family affair, lovely.

Incidentally, I discovered half way through the meal that Eric (the beau) is a vegetarian. Serendipity!

On our arrival, we were directed to The Snug, a super cute, private table, tucked away from the main areas of seating. I actually love the whole restaurant layout; the building is gorgeous from the outside, and the seating areas are broken up. So, even if you’re not in The Snug, you still get a fairly intimate dining experience.

For our starter, we decided on a sharing platter, so we could try lots of delicious things. We added an order of the mirin marinated crispy tofu at the recommendation of our lovely server. I’m not usually into sharing food, but I’m starting to see the value of it when it means I can try more than one item on the menu.

I mean, how gorge?!

For mains, Arijus and I inadvertently ordered the same: portabello mushrooms, which we were informed was their signature dish. Spoiler: it deserves that title! The mushrooms and goat’s cheese are served with quinoa (yum!), green beans and a potato gratin. I’m hungry again just thinking about it.

*another side note (sorry, not sorry): someone recently said that grated potato (rosti style) is boring. I’m sorry, WHAT? Potato, in any form, is so far from boring, but is, in fact, so incredibly comforting, satisfying and divine … yeah, I could go on.

Eric had the curry, which he praised highly. Vida had the pea, mint and feta arancino, and she really enjoyed it (let’s face it, who doesn’t love arancini? But also, yay, as she can be hard to please!). Ieva went for the burger and was very happy.

Not gonna lie, we were all pretty stuffed by that point. Did I mention the yummy cocktails and wine *hic*?

BUT, Ieva and I have a deal, no meal is complete without dessert! We shared the chocolate & avocado mousse and we were blown away.

Look at that presentation!

Everybody was highly satisfied. The food was scrumptious and beautifully presented, the staff were friendly and efficient. Another fabulous Brighton dining experience, and venue that I would highly recommend to everyone – especially those silly meat eaters* that claim they have to have meat on their plate for it to be a proper meal! (Don’t get me started :P)

*not all meat-eaters are silly, only the ones who insist there is no other way to eat.