I rode a bike! 

For more than ten years, I would not get on a bike. A combination of a fear of cars (totally reasonable, I’m sure any UK cyclists will agree), and a couple of bad experiences riding in the past.

So, it’s been quite a big deal for me to get back on. The safety of Holland’s cycle lanes and generally different (more respectful) attitude towards cyclists, plus the support of my ever-optimistic fiancé, were key.

When Emma came to visit, I threw caution to the wind, and let Arijus lead us off on a Saturday of cycling through the parks and to the beach. It was a beautifully successful day!

We found some gorgeous spots! This is Scheveningen Beach. Check out Het Puntje cafe if you’re north of the pier. A real hipster/surfer vibe and yummy food and smoothies!


And it was so lovely to have Em staying with us! Looking forward to her next visit in 2018 <3

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Now, to get back on the bike and get confident!

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