Jack Eversea

Ok, so all you readers, you lovers of the wonderful world of fiction, here is one HOT book boyfriend and a story that takes you racing through a million emotions, not to mention a punch in the gut here and there!

Just FYI, I’m not one of those book reviewers who summarises the story. No. If you want to know what happens then read it yourself! What I will tell you is how the book made me feel and what I loved about the author’s style.

Firstly, I must tell you what makes these books (that’s right, there’s more than one Jack Eversea book, LUCKY US!) so special to me. My fabulous friend and kindred spirit, Natasha, wrote them. Now, let’s just get one thing straight, if you think that I would exaggerate or be all gushy just because I love someone then you don’t know me very well. I only shout about things I really believe in.

I met Tasha at University, we were both reading Psychology; she was in her final year, I was in my first. Those were some good times. Oh the stories I could tell you…but I digress. Over the years of our friendship, we’ve shared our love of writing and our attempted, unfinished stories. Which is why I am bursting with pride that not only did Tasha follow her dreams, she has succeeded in a HUGE way ๐Ÿ™‚

The perfect setting for reading these books is, in my humble opinion, by the pool or the beach, in the hot sun. They are the ultimate holiday read, and I was fortunate enough to be able to read Forever, Jack (aka Eversea book 2) poolside in Crete. But let’s start at the beginning. When I read Eversea, the first person I fell in love with was Keri Ann (sorry Jack). One of my major issues with lots of YA/NA fiction is the super annoying, whingy, how-can-she-be-that-stupid, heroine. Seriously. I have given up on many a series because of this. So THANK YOU, Tasha, for Keri Ann. She is strong, yet vulnerable; sassy, but not bitchy and so believable that you’re right there with her on her roller coaster emotional journey.

Eversea book cover US

Now Jack, he is just dreamy. Totally swoon-worthy material. Lusting after a fictional character is fine, right? His brooding, bad boy self makes me all weak in the knees, especially when he delivers some of his heart-stopping romantic lines to Keri Ann ๐Ÿ˜‰

Eversea quote 2


The tension between Jack and Keri Ann is palpable, and I love the lack of sickly sweet fairytale romance. No skimming over the obvious problems facing a small town, down to earth nobody getting into a relationship with a mega Hollywood A lister. Natasha addresses these in such a real way, you just FEEL everything with them.

Forever Jack book cover US

I’m using the US covers in my post, despite being a UK based girly. That’s because I love them. They are so beautiful and really reflect the story. I wanted to share them with you,and now you know what’s going on in case you head over to Amazon UK and get confused. ย Personally, I don’t feel that the UK covers show enough of the depth of these stories and characters. Jack and Keri Ann’s story is so much MORE than a kiss on the front cover. But Tasha didn’t have a whole lot of say in them, so don’t let them put you off!

I can’t recommend these books enough! GO! Go now and buy them and read them and love them ๐Ÿ™‚

Forever Jack quote


I carried a watermelon.

Well, I didn’t. But dancing was how I met the love of my life. Salsa, to begin with, although we have done a little bachata, tried the tango (so dramatic!), the jive and ballroom. That was about seven years ago – when we met.

It is quite a story and enough time has passed that I can look back now and see what a jumbled mess I was making of my life, but that was my journey and I accept it. To give you the gist of it, I was engaged to be married and had just bought a house with my fiancee. Big boxes on my life ‘to do’ list were being ticked off. However, in my denial that things were not quite as good as they looked on paper, I found a hobby that made me happy: dancing.

I love dancing. Salsa is great. Not Cuban style. I learnt LA or cross body style salsa, and that is what I’ve stuck with. It may be just me, but in trying to be good at that style I find it really confusing to do a similar-but-not-the-same dance! Cuban is gorgeous to watch but personally I prefer LA, it is more formal, Cuban is more earthy. I guess the more formal style suits me.

So after a few weeks, I met my lovely man. I immediately felt comfortable dancing with him in class and, being nervous of dancing with strangers, that meant we danced together fairly regularly after class. Long story short: lots of dancing, friendship develops, more dancing, fall head over dance shoes in love.

Dancing, especially with him, became a joyful freedom from the stress of my mind trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. In the time we spent together when we weren’t dancing, I found he was discovering and more importantly, understanding, pieces of me that had been tucked away many years ago. Pieces of me that I liked, but that hadn’t fitted in the relationship I was trying to make work.

Unfortunately, I held on to my denial for a bit too long and I married my fiancee before acknowledging that I’d made a big mess. It was not pretty, as I’m sure you can imagine, and at the time I remember thinking: how is this my life?! I felt like I was in a bad Eastenders storyline. This was a point in my life where I became aware that firstly, cliche sayings really are rooted in truth, and secondly, if anyone else quoted one at me, I was likely to punch their face.

Well, time really does heal, yada yada, and here we are, years later, happy and still very much in love. Of course, nothing is perfect and other challenges we have had to face have meant that we don’t dance regularly anymore. I am trying to get us back into a routine, but it’s really tricky to find decent LA salsa teaching here in Brighton. Sadly, the club we started at closed, and since then the Cuban scene has held court, with all the good LA teachers seemingly keeping to the London area. But I will persevere, for several reasons, not least because it is so special to us and one day, at our wedding, this is the dance we are going to dance.

I wanted to share my story, even though parts of it are difficult to share. Many people make decisions that lead them to difficult places, yet when that person is you, you feel so totally alone. And people judge you, it’s in their nature, and it hurts. I learnt A LOT about myself and my past choices, and what and who I wanted in my life. And I learnt a lot about my friends. Some of them still are, and some of them are not. Follow your heart, and you’ll find your way *shields face* ๐Ÿ˜‰