So, having been ill with some nasty virus for ALL OF HALF TERM I was determined to make it out to at least one social occasion. I’d cancelled all the rest due to not feeling well but I’d put a lot of thought and effort into mine and Arijus’s costumes and I was determined we would show our faces, even if we had to stuff ourselves with day nurse (which we did).

It was our first Halloween party as a couple, so obviously we needed a couple costume. I did some research and made some suggestions. Arijus dismissed our two favourite TV couples, Booth &  Bones, and Castle &  Becket so that left gothic Alice and her Mad Hatter, as portrayed by Marie Hall in her Kingdom series.

I particularly liked this as gothic Alice is Asian (tick), bakes super cool cupcakes (modest tick) and obviously wears much cooler clothes than a cutsie blue dress with a white apron.

I was quite pleased with the results, it definitely cheered me up.


I was in a bit of a rush so didn’t get a picture of my pumpkin squash cupcakes! They had a spiced cream cheese frosting and Halloween sprinkles and were very tasty. I think most of them were scoffed by the children running amock at the party, delighted that no adults were counting how many cakes they had had!

Oh, but I did have fun doing my nails and got a pic of them for prosterity.


And finally, a fun pic taken at the party we went to, with my friend and hostess Nicky photo bombing!


PS The tea cup and saucer is a nice touch, don’t you think?! I admit I may be overly pleased with myself on that one.

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