So, about these cats…

‘The Naming of Cats is a difficult matter,
It isn’t just one of your holiday games;
You may think at first I’m as mad as a hatter
When I tell you, a cat must have THREE DIFFERENT NAMES.’ – T S Eliot

My Gran bought me the Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats when I was about nine. By this time my brother and I had made strong arguments for a pet, to no avail (FISH DON’T COUNT MUM AND DAD). I can’t possibly begin my blogging journey without sharing my wonderful feline family members with you.

It was February 2002 when I finally realised my childhood dream of owning a cat (having not owned one before, I was not aware that it works the other way round; they own you of course). My first cat was called Serafina and she was a beautiful rescue cat. I named her after Serafina Pekala from the Northern Lights trilogy. She came with a variety of emotional and psychological issues, which, in my inexperience, I did my best to deal with.


As you can see she was a complete fluff ball. I did a little research and I’m convinced she had a bit of Maine Coon in her, or possibly Norwegian Forest cat. I loved her very much and it broke my heart when she passed away in December 2012. I hope she knows I did my best by her, and tried to give her a good life. If she sees me paying more attention to my new babies, hopefully she realises that I learnt from being owned by her moody, uppity little self.

The house was horribly empty when she left, not least because she’d gone deaf some months before she passed and quite likely senile too, so she used to sit herself down somewhere and just caterwaul. I would go to her and give her a cuddle just to let her know that she wasn’t alone. I was bereft without her and it wasn’t long before we  started looking into where our next cats were coming from. Yes, that’s correct, cats plural. Serafina wouldn’t have put up with another cat in the house, but I knew I wanted more than one this time and I also knew I wanted to stick with the medium to long-haired variety. Although people who know me question how this fits with my cleaning OCD, I guess I just like the look and that’s that.

We decided on the Maine Coon breed. I liked their looks and temperament and Arijus liked that they are described as the most dog like of cats (I have no idea why this appealed to him, he is an all animal person, rather than having a cat or dog preference) and that they grow to be much larger than your average moggie. We found a breeder who’d just had kittens, so we went to visit and chose our two when they were just three weeks old. Then I had to wait THREE MONTHS before I could bring them home!

Gus Pads

The red and white is Asparagus, known as Gus, GusGus, Gussyboo, and the grey tortie tabby is Padme Amidala, known as Pads or Padmeboo. They are now a year and 10 months old. It is an absolute joy to have them as part of our family. Maine Coons don’t reach emotional maturity until they are roughly four years old, nor are they fully grown physically until around that age too. So we have two very large cats that are still very kittenish in their behaviour! It has been amazing to watch their characters develop and learn about them. They are so beautiful and regal as well. I could wax lyrical for ages but I think I’ll throw in a few more pics and save some for another post!

new cat tree gus and pads cuddles

They are still really little in these pics. Gus would struggle to get in that cat tree now and only one cat per lap as well! Of course, when I say little, we brought them home at 14 weeks and they were already the size of a small to medium regular cat.

gus in the elephants

Gus loves posing for the camera! He started practising for his modelling career at a young age 😉 He’s a big softie, while Pads is more reserved.

nightime antics snoozles

Naturally their favourite pastime is snoozing and we constantly walk in on them in these ridiculous positions! They give us love every day and put a smile on my face when I’m feeling crappy. So I warn you in advance there will be kitty updates! If you want to see more of Gus and Pads, check out my Instagram. It’s mostly them. A few other pics, but mostly them.

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