My girls, Lucy and Madeleine came to visit me in The Netherlands. We had so much fun, despite Lucy having fractured her ankle a few weeks before she came out.


A canal tour is perfect when one of your party is on a crutch! We took the 100 Highlights tour. It was good; an enjoyable and informative way to see central Amsterdam easily in an hour.


The gorgeous Amsterdam Centraal Station.


That moment when you realise no Starbucks barista will ever get your name right. Lol.


This was also the day when Lucy didn’t like ANY of the photos … *rolls eyes*


Well, we managed to get one or two (out of hundreds!) that were acceptable, apparently 😉

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I’m so happy so many friends and family are taking the opportunity to visit with us, whilst Arijus is working in Den Haag. But I’m starting to think I’ll be seeing this sign quite a few times!

Before heading home, we stopped at Salsa Shop for a deeeeeelicious burrito. They are SO GOOD. Also, they are huge, and Lucy and I were pretty impressed by teeny tiny Mads putting away the whole thing! We obviously worked up an appetite with all our touristing.

Sadly, due to lack of foreplanning (all my fault), and Lucy’s foot, we didn’t get to see everything we wanted to. On the list for next time: Anne Frank Museum, Van Gough Museum and Katten Kabinet! Because some of us are massive cat people. And by some, I mean all.

Our soundtrack for the whole trip: DESPACITO  😀


Good times. So as not to bore you, I’ve split the trip into separate posts 😉 Enjoy more of our adventures in my next posts!